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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Soil Pollution

Soil pollution damages the thin layer of fertile topsoil that covers most of earth land surface. This layer is essential for plant growth. In a balanced ecosystem, this layer is continually maintained by the various nutrient cycles and activities of de-omposers and soil organisms.

      Soul pollution is caused mainly by erosion. In many countries, this is due to careless farming methods and extensive  cropping. Pesticides used to kill crop pests also harm useful soil bacteria that can bring decay, and soil animals that aerate and turnover the topsoil with their burrowing activities. Also the use of large amounts of inorganic fertilizers makes the topsoil dry and fine so that it is easily blown away by wind.

     Mining activities and deforestation devastate the land, stripping it of vegetation and topsoil.

   Land pollution is due mainly to the dumping of garbage. Garbage includes domestic, industrial and agricultural solid wastes. These wastes form unsightly heals in compounds of buildings, on streets and roadsides, by river banks and along beaches. Garbage dumps are health lizards as many animal pests and vectors of diseases live and breed there.