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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Structure of a Light Microscope

To study small organisms and cells we use a microscope. The most common microscope is the light or compound microscope.

    A light microscope has two sets of glass lenses: the objective lenses and the Eye piece lenses. Most microscope have two of three objective attached to s rotating nose piece. These lenses usually are 5x , 10x ,20x, 40x and 100x. (A 10x lens magnifies the image of the object by 10 times). The Eye piece lens further magnifies the image produced by the objective lens. It magnifies range from 5x to 15x.

   The magnifying power of a microscope is a product of the magnifications of the objective and the eyepiece: of the eyepiece magnifies 15x and the objective 40x, the total magnification is 15 x 40 = 600 x.

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