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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF)

This is an international organization set up to improve the health and welfare of children. UNICEF was originally set up By united nations general Assembly in 1946 on a temporary and emergency basics to aid children  affected by world war ii. It a was then known as the united nations international children emergency fund (hence UNICEF).  In 1943 to was changed to a permanent operation to develop long range benefit to children of developing countries. Often, it collaborates closely with WHO in many projects. Its main function include the remaining.

• it helps developing country yo carry out long range health , nutrition and welfare programmes for their children.

• it supports government programme aimed at controlling the major diseases affecting the children and mothers.

• it helps to Setup maternal and child welfare centers, and trains medical, nutrition and public health personnel. This training helps them to teach people in rural areas on how to make the most of their available food resources and improve their nutrition.

• it sponsors research into producing new types of low cost, high yielding protein foods such as soya beans and fish powder.

• it helps child feeding projects, distributing dried milk powder and protein rich food such as groundnuts, soya beans and cotton seed to children suffering from protein deficiency.

• it provides medical equipment, medicines and vaccination services.

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