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Monday, 12 November 2018

Water Pollution

Clean freshwater is fast becoming a limited resource because of water pollution. We use freshwater for growing crops and in many industries. We need freshwater for drinking and cleaning.

    Water pollution threatens aquatic life in both freshwater bodies, and the seas and oceans. Fishes, an important source of human food, are affected badly by water pollution. Overfishing to supply our increasing demand for food is also an important aspect of water pollution.

   We use streams, rivers, lakes and beaches for pur leisure activities in many countries, water pollution has changed beautiful rivers and lakes into unsightly, foul smelling scenes, and beaches into oil covered stretches of sand.

   The main cause of water pollution is the indiscriminate dumping of wastes into water bodies. In addition, pollutants in air, vegetation and soil are also drained into water bodies via rainfall.

 The common water pollutants are

• refuse and sewage

• industrial wastes

• agricultural wastes and 

• crude oil.