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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Care of the Ear

We should care for our ears by :

• Removing the wax in the ear canal regularly.

• Not inserting objects into the ear canal.

• Wearing protective ear gadget when working under conditions where the noise level is high.

• Gargling with a mild disinfectant when we have cold or throat infections. This will prevent the spread of the infection to the middle and inner ear.

• Seeing a doctor when there is an infection.

• Always clean the outer ear with a lump of clean towel or a cotton bud. Do not poke the ear with a sharp object.

Removal of foreign object from the ear

    If a foreign body: insect, stone e.t.c. enters  the ear, put some drops of warm water and lie with that side down. After sometime, it will come out. But of it persists, consult a doctor.
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