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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Care of the Foot Wear

Daily care : After each use, remove the dirt and mud from the shoes.

- Expose it to air before taking it in. Do not allow it to stay outside.

Weakly care : Of leather shoes.

Shoe Maintenance

(i) Spread a piece of old newspaper on the floor.

(ii) Using a clean pieces of cloth, clean the inside of the shoe.

(iii) Using a broomstick, remove all mud and stone from the corners of the shoe.

(iv) Choose the colour of the Polish which would be the same colour with the shoes/Sandals.

(v) Using the piece of cloth in the polish or a small brush, rub the polish on the shoe sparingly, paying attention to the edges.

(vi) Allow the shoe to stand for sometime.

(vii) Use ashore brush on the shoe, spreading and shining the shoe.

(viii) Put outside for sometime, then using the same brush, polish and brush over the shoe until no marks on the shoe shows, when it is given a stroke with the finger. When not in use, stuff with old newspaper and put away on the rack.

Different types of Canvas shoes

There are basically three or more types of canvas shoes.

(1) Some are made with linen materials all over with plastic sole. The materials could be flowered or plain.

(2) Some are the former and original canvas shoes that are made with pure white linen cloth. These ones have plastic soles.

(3) There are some that are made with a mixture of synthetic fibre and plastic. In all of them, the soles are purely plastic and all of them are washable

After each use take the following precautions

(i) Remove the mud or any solid dirt. Remove the lace and wash.

(ii) Using the warm soapy water with a hard brush, wash them thoroughly.

(iii) Bring out the sole which is removable and scrub.

(iv) Rinse with clean water and dry outside.

The white linen canvas

When it is dry, carefully polish with the white canvas polish, taking care of the corners. Take outside to dry. Make sure that it is kept in a clean place. When it is dry, put back the lace and put in a clean place.

Care of Suede shoe

These are shoes which are made with the wrong side of leather. The right side of leather is smooth, while the wrong side is rough and hairy. It is also treated to produce a napped surface. Therefore the shinny side is insider (under) while the rough side is up.

To clean

After use , remove any loose dirt both from the sole and from the rough side using a clean soft brush. Use a suede lotion to clean the shoe, this will remove dirt and improve the nap. Polish the heel with a suitable polish. Put away to dry before storing them.
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