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Friday, 7 December 2018

Differences Between Plants and Animals

Plants - Animals

• Autotrophic mode of nutrition due to presence of chlorophyll - Heterotrophic mode of nutrition since they lack chlorophyll

• Limited Movement ( no organs of locomotion); not active - Move about freely (well developed organs of locomotion); very active

• Slow response to external stimuli - Rapid response to external stimuli

• No sense Organs - Well developed sense organs

• No Excretory system - Well developed excretory system

• Spreading body form with no symmetry; unlimited growth - Compact symmetrical body form; limited growth

• Growth is apical - Growth occurs equally on all parts

• Composed of cells enclosed in rigid cellulose cell walls; cell walls provide mechanical support - Composed of cells which do not have cell walls; external or internal skeletons provide mechanical support.

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