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Thursday, 13 December 2018


This is the part of the body that is located on both sides of the Heat. The greater part of the ear is embedded in the skull for protection. The mammalian ear is divided into three regions: (i) Outer  ear (ii) Middle ear (iii) inner ear

• Outer ear : This is the part that is seen outside. It is made up of the funnel shaped cartilage part called the pinna. This collects sound or vibration waves and directs them to the middle ear through the ear canal. Inside the ear canal, there are tiny hairs, oil and wax secreted by some glands to trap dirt's and some insects and prevent them from getting into the inner ear. The ear canal can also be called external auditory meatus.

   At the end of the ear canal is the ear drum or tympanic membrane. This separated the outer ear from the inner ear. This separates the  outer ear from the inner ear. This vibrates when sound waves fall on it.

• Middle ear: This is a small air filled chamber. It contains three tiny soft bones called ear ossicles held in place by muscles. These three bones link the outer ear to the inner ear.

• Inner ear: This part contains complex bones and is filled with fluid called perilymph from this part , the sound waves or vibration are transmitted to the brain through the auditory nerves for interpretation.
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