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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Factor that Affect the skin

There are many factors that affect the skin. These could be treated under three broad headings. I.e. nutritional factors, environment factors and chemical factors.

1. Nutritional factors :  the health of the skin depends largely upon the food we eat. Some of the food nutrient are needed for proper functioning of the skin. These nutrients include :

(a) Vitamin A : This could be derived from the following foodstuffs: fish, liver, oil, palm oil, milk, egg, yolk, green and yellow vegetables, fruits etc.

(b) Vitamin D: This helps  the absorption of calcium and phosphorus; it also promotes the skin.

(c) Vitamin B2, Riboflavin: This also could be derived from ; egg, liver, kidney, yeast , leafy vegetables.

(d) Vitamin E : This protects and nourishes the akin. Sources include leafy vegetables, seeds, egg, milk and margarine.
In addition nutritional factors ensure that the system is free from waste which helps the skin to look good.

2. Environmental factors : These are some of the skin diseases and injuries that can happen to the skin due to minor accidents in the home. These include: ringworm, eczema, pimples , acnes, black heads and scabies.

(i) Ringworm : This is a fungi disease which attacks the scalp and makes it impossible for hairs to grow on the affected parts.

(ii) Eczema : This is a non contagious and inflamed skin diseases. It is characterized by itching, burning and redness. Medical professional consider it as a group of related diseases not a disease on its own. The affected area usually has I'll defined borders with dry scaly patches. It may be caused by contact with some plants or dyes, antiseptics and action of a parasite

Prevention : There are so many recommendations about care for eczema but all such attempt have been unsuccessful. There are some useful advice to follow :

(a) Regulate the bowels by eating vegetables, fruits and drinking water.

(b) Identifying the fruits that you are allergic to and remove or prevent this from your diet.

(c) Eliminate any food which is hard to digest

(d) Eliminate also the diet of candies ,pastries , sweets , chocolate, fried foods, shell fish and nearly all salts.

(e) Do not use tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages.

(f) It is better to clean the affected area with olive oil at least when it is desirable to soften the crust.

(g) Wear gloves when the affected hands are put into water.

(h) As much as possible, avoid over work worry, loss of sleep, lack of exercise or any other thing which will lover your physical mental or emotional vigour.

Acne : This is characterized by pimples. An acne pimple is simply an inflamed oil gland and an oil skin is more likely to produce more of them. It causes the formation of scars on the skin. The possible ways of preventing them have not been established. But get adequate instruction from the doctor, regarding diet.

Boil : This is another skin disorder, it is usually hard, red and painful. It is caused by a virus. It is dangerous to squeeze or pick it at the early stages even in all their stages as this may develop into something else.

Prevention / cure : Apply penicillin ointment or any recommended preventive or curative drug from the physician.

Black heads : These are small plugs formed in the skin pores by the accumulation of oil and dead skin scales. The blackness of the exposed part results from oxidation of the oil and dirt. Germs do not play any active part in black heads but it can be infected. It begins to appear at the time of puberty until about 25 years. They do not cause any pain of itching but they give rise to  a distressing sense of inferiority because of an unsightly appearance.

Prevention or cure : Always wash your face with warm water at least 3 Times a day,  and occasionally squeeze out the black heads.

Scabies : This is a contagious skin disease caused by the itch mite which bores beneath the surface of the skin forming burrows. It is characterized by intense itching especially at night. The female lays egg at the tender part of the skin e.g in between the fingers , thighs, armpits, breast, buttocks and the navel. It is highly contagious. It is transmitted by body weaving on infested clothing

Prevention or Cure : Apply an ointment as prescribed by a physician. Always take a hot bath at night and change the clothing's. All the cloths should be disinfected. Spray the bed to kill those one on the bedding and be scrupulously clean. Other types of skin disease include rashes, shingles, chicken pox and measles. 
Some injuries that can happen to the skin include the following :  Cuts, bruises, burns , scalds and stings.

Chemical factors that affect the skin

These are the effects of cream used on the skin. Before choosing creams or oils for the skin it is important to know the different types of skin.

The different typed of skin include:

1. Normal skin : This is a smooth clear skin disease without spot.

2. Dry skin : This is dry with scales, soles or white patches especially avoid the soles of the feet and the palm. It is chapped. This mag be due to the type of diet of it could be hereditary.

3. Oily skin :  Here, the oil gland produces oil to the skin in excess. It is always greasy.

4. A combination of oily and dry skins. Here some part if the body are oily while others are dry.

    Having known the different types of skin, it is now important to choose the cream. Lotion and soap that soothes the type of skin one has.

Toilet soap : They remove dirt from the body during bath.

Body lotion: These are used after bath to give the skin a fresh and healthy loom. Skin oil also protects the skin from harsh effects of the weather especially in the dry season.
Medicated soaps and creams are Aldo used to kill some germs and bacteria that cause some skin infections.

Selecting skin cream

(a) Check your skin type.

(b) Check also the ones that your skin reacts to negatively.

(c) Read the information on the label to know the content.

(d) Avoid soda soap as they are not good for the skin.

Bleaching  is the process of applying specially prepared chemical to the skin to remove the outer layer of the skin thereby exposing the inner layer. The result is that the individual would be lighter. The following are the adverse effects of bleaching creams

(i) Bleaching makes it difficult for wounds to heal.

(ii) They make the skin to loose natural beauty.

(iii) When exposed to the sun, it burns forming some black patches.

(iv) Bleaching can result to skin cancer
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