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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Factors that Affect the Eye

Other defects may be due to : Old age, Vitamins a deficiency, infection caused by bacteria and virus, poor hygiene habits.

Cataract : This conditions occurs mainly in old age. At this time, the lens becomes cloudy and sufficient light cannot pass through it any longer and the affected person cannot see clearly.

Treatment: It could be corrected by removing the affected lens and either replacing it with a plastic one or providing spectacles with suitable lens.

Night blindness : People with night blindness cannot see clearly in dim light. This may be due to deficiency of vitamin A.

Xerophthalmia : This is an eye disease caused by vitamin A deficiency. This can lead to blindness.

Conjunctivitis: This is an inflammation of the conjunctiva/ part of the Eye. It may be caused by irritants such as wind,  glare or bacteria. It is a very contagious infection popularly called "Apollo".

Care of the eye and improvement of vision

• We should take care of our eyes by not running them with dirty or soiled hands.

• Always read books with large prints and under a correct lighting condition, not  to bright not too dull. 

• See a doctor in case of eye infection and if the eyesight is not good.

• Foods that are rich in vitamin A should be taken, these food include: Fish, liver oil, palm oil, milk, egg yolk, green and yellow vegetables and fruits.

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