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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Factors that Affect Good Posture

(i) Body types : One's body type indicates the type of posture one maintains e.g. very fat individuals are generally said to have poor posture. The fragile and lanky people also maintain a bad posture. The average sized people Ade said to have good posture.

(ii) The skeleton : The skeletal system of an individual forms the frame work of the body.

(iii) The vertebral column: This is necessary because of its strategic position and curves of the body.

(iv) The arches of the foot : Where this is normal , the posture becomes normal.

(v) Muscle time : This refers to the slight tension of the muscle.

(vi) Exercise: Exercise makes for good posture. this is because exercise improves muscle tone and muscle condition.

(vii) Rest : This facilitates the rate of muscular efficiency.

(viii) Habit : This results from behaviours and patterns of life.

(viii) Balanced diet: Eat a balanced diet always

(x) Physical fitness exercise and test are quire necessary.

Posture is to be maintained while

• Sitting

(i) Always sit with the hips back to the chair.

(ii) Hold the shoulders back without strain.

(iii) Tuck in the abdomen

(iv) Support the back with the chair and do not lean or bend.

(v) Keep the head erect and chest up.

(vi) Put the leg together or keep one slightly in front of other or cross legs.

(vii) Always use comfortable chairs

• Standing

(i) Stand firmly on both feet, not placing to weight on just one

(ii) Tuck in the Tommy with tour head up and chest out

(iii) Hold your shoulder erect 

• Walking

(i) Using the standing posture, walk with the head and chin up

(ii) With the shoulders back and chest out

(iii) With the tommy tucked.

(iv) Walk without bending towards one side.

(v) Lift the feet  up smoothly, do not drag or shuffle your feet when you walk.

(vi) Watch what you eat, as overweight affects the posture.

There are goof postures to be taken in all activities done both in the house, offices and outside the homes. Such activities include reading, ironing, lifting e.t.c.

Cause of bad posture

Bad posture may be as a result of the following factors:

• Poor habits e.g. carrying oneself upright while walking

• Carrying heavy loads, especially when young. This can result in hunch back or the individual may be walking in a particular way because of the weight of the load.

• Habitual slouching or from weakening of the muscles.

• It may result from sleeping conditions e.g. in very soft surfaces.

• It could be caused by obesity which results from eating too Mich , eating at off tines and eating junk foods.

• It could be caused by lack of exercise.

• Most of the time , the postural problems are inherited.

• It could be the effect of a disease or an infection, or die to some visual and auditory defects or even poor nutrition at birth.

• It could be that the individual wears a very tight dresses always and be restricted in movement

These abnormalities can be corrected with some of the suggestions listed below

1. Regular exercise should be encouraged. Especially muscle strengthening exercise as well as corrective exercises.

2. Both athletic and dancing exercises are helpful and should be encouraged.

3. Thee should be weight reduction by obese people.

4. The weight of loads that are carried should be moderate at all times.

5. People should observe goof sleeping conditions.

6. People should inculcate good habits in carrying the body.

Effects of good posture on individual

    The effects of golf posture in individuals cannot be over emphasized. As it has been explained in the importance of good posture, it sums up an individual character both to others and to himself.
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