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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Feeding Mechanisms in Some Organisms Coelenterate

Hydra : This is a carnivore that feeds on tiny animals. It waits quietly until a prey brushes against one of its tentacles. Immediately. The stinging cells on its tentacles are discharged. They inject poison into the prey and stun it. The tentacles coil around the prey and push it to the mouth. The whole prey passes into the gut cavity.

     Gland cells on the wall (endoderm) of the gut secrete digestive juices containing enzymes. Extracellular digestion of the prey takes place and the food becomes broken into small pieces. Amoebiod cells in the endoderm engulf the partially digester solid food particles into food vacuoles. Here , digestion is completed intercellularly. The digested food then diffuses to all parts of the body. Undigested wastes are got rif of through the mouth.
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