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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Functions of the Eye

The eyes as one of the sensory organs helps us to see objects both far and near, colourful and plain. They help us to learn about our environment. They help us in the physical appearance of individual, there by help us to be ourselves.

Eye defects

  These are some of the ailments that affect the eye. They include

• Short sightedness or myopia
• Long sightedness
• Astigmatism

These are caused by excessive eye strain and old age.

• Short sightedness/ myopia : The people who are short sighted can see nearby objects clearly but the distant ones will appear blurred. This is usually due to the fact that their eyeball is longer than normal from back to front.

• Long sightedness : People who are suffering from this can see distant objects dearly but nearby objects will appear blurred. This may be due to 

• Eyeball being shorter than normal
• The lens and ciliary muscles lose their elasticity with advanced age.

Treatment : This will also be corrected by using a contact lens specified by an optician.

• Astigmatism  : Some people have the surface of their cornea uneven I.e. not smoothly curved. This affects the images formed. This can also be corrected with a lens recommended by an optician.
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