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Friday, 14 December 2018

Functions of the Skin

The most important functions of the skin include

1. Protection : By using it's waterproof nature to reduce water loss and prevent water from getting into the body through the skin.

(a) By stopping harmful micro organisms from getting into the living cells below.

(b) By absorbing the ultra violet rays of the sun which would have had a damaging effect on the living cells.

2. Sensitivity: The skin helps the body to be sensitive to the environment I.e. being aware of the changes in our surrounding. The skin is sensitive to touch, pressure , heat, cold and pain.

3. Temperature control: It helps the body to maintain a constant body Temperature. The normal body Temperature is 36.7°C or 98°F.

4. Excretion : It helps the body to excrete some toxic wastes from the body through sweat.

5. Production : It also helps the body to produce vitamin D which helps in the formation of bones and teeth. This is done when the skin is exposed to the mild rays of the sun.
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