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Monday, 17 December 2018

Google AdSense as a Monetisation Revolution

Google AdSense was first founded and developed in 2003 by google company, thousands of blog owners rated the establishment as the biggest Monetisation Revolution ever. In 2015 and going, Google AdSense  is now rated as the world most popular monetizers.  Google AdSense over the years have offered every blog owners around the world a way to make money through their Platform.

     Before any one can use Google AdSense, firstly, He or She must sign up to Google AdSense official website through a launched Blog. That blog must contain a valid web address  and an original content that must be generally accepted by the platform. Google AdSense also requires anyone signing up for its platform to have a valid name, valid home address and a valid  Account for receiving payment.

    Google AdSense also requires its publishers to add its HTML codes to their various Blogs or websites. Adverts shown on your blog is determined by Google AdSense, no requirements is needed for you as a Google AdSense  publisher,  except Writing appropriate content for your viewers. Google AdSense also prohibits the use of inadequate content, it violates their terms and  rules. If the rules of Google AdSense is broken by a blog ,  the platform will ban the blog caught violating it's terms and guilds lines, so endeavour to read Google AdSense policies before placing adverts.

    Google AdSense platform offers two kinds of model, one is per pay impression, second one  is a  per pay Click model. "On pay per click" , Google pays you when  a blog visitor to your website clicks on one of Google AdSense link. The clicks translates in pennies , cent, dollars or pounds  for you. The more click , the more money you get from Google AdSense.

    How  much can Google AdSense pay you? The answer will be decided  between Google AdSense and its advertisers. A pay per click  Google AdSense commission is ranging from  few cents to several pounds and dollars. 

   Remember, Traffic that are well targeted will gets its value for money on Google AdSense platform
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