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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Hands, Fingers, Nails and Feet

Finger nails , hand and feet are used as long as one remains alive. These are the parts of the body that are seen always. Their appearance tells more about the person.

   They do a lot of work everyday. As much as they are Important to the up keep and appearance of the individual, they are also channels through which germs can be introduced to the body, when they are not properly taken care of.

Care of the hands

• Always wash your hands after each visit to the toilet.

• Wash the hands with mild soap.

• Scrub the fingernails and its fringes using soft sponge.

• Dry properly with clean towel.

• Apply a little hand lotion to keep the hand soft.

Structure of the Finger nail
The finger is made up of three parts I.e. the nail plate, nail bed and nail cuticle.

Care of the finger nails

• It is better to trim the nails by filling rather than cutting, as cutting weakens the nails. File in one direction only, to maintain a rounded circle.

•  Do not use teeth to cut off any part.

•  Remove dirt under the nail curve.

Weekly or occasional care of the nails and hands

• Manicure : This is a process of caring for the hands and finger nails.

• Tools for manicure: Manicure set, nail clipper, nail scissor, cuticle remover, cotton wool.

Cleans the old nail varnish regularly, but if a lady is not using the nail varnish she should file her nails.

•  Then soak for sometime in warm soapy water.

• Using the cuticle remover, remove the dead skins that are deposited around the nails.

• Clean and wash the fingers with a clean towel.

• Apply the nail varnish.
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