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Monday, 17 December 2018

How to Make Money with A Blog or Website

People start a Blog to share information to the world, others start a Blog for the passion. Your blog should have information's that your readers value. Supplying valuable write ups  and content will pave the way for you to make money. I am going to share  some vital ideas on how to make money:

• A Donation option : When ever visitors visits your website to read valuable information's you provide. Some will be happy with your effort and information and in return, they will be willing to make voluntary contributions or rather donations to  your blog.

• Leasing your Database of followers : A Large Database means more leads. Now, leasing your database of followers is quite a nice way of making money. You can also earn big by joining some pay per purchase platform which will be very useful to you and your blog content. Placing adverts on your advertising space can earn you Ten figures a month.

• Google AdSense/ Media net : Placing media net ads or google AdSense ads on your blog is one of the easiest and fastest way of making money. When Google AdSense ads is placed on your blog, Visitors  who are interested in your blog content will be happy to engage on the google advertisements. Media net and Google AdSense pays blog owners for clicks and impression on their adverts placed on your Blog. More Visitors means more money on Google AdSense and media net.

• Selling your products and service : your blog is a perfect place to sell your own products and services. This services and product include selling your  eBook, books, Newsletter and CDs.

• Selling Your blog advertising Space : your Blog visitors will determine if you have the numbers or audience for Advertisers. If the information's you provide on your blog  avoids conflicts Between an advertisers and the product, providing others the option of advertising in your website is a perfect idea for making money.

• Affiliate Programs : Joining Affiliate programs is another way of making money on your blog.  Affiliate programs is determined by commissions a company offers on a product if sold.

Blog owners should take note, Regular updating of your blog is one of the  ways of keeping your blog fan base growing.
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