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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Importance of Rest and Sleep to the Body

(i) They relax the body muscles.

(ii) They add positively to growth and development especially in children.

(iii) They help in reinstating the energy lost and rebuilding the body tissues that were weakened during the day.

(iv) Rest and sleep act as cure for fatigue and stress.

(v) They affect the coordination of the body, the circulation and excretion of waste products.

Some tips for rest and sleep

(1) Always live a planned life including time for rest  each day, I.e. after the normal classes, have a short rest  before either prep or any other activity.

(2) After a strenuous work, there should be rest.

(3) Have  your bath, brush your teeth and west loose dress before sleeping.

(4) Always sleep in a well ventilated room.

(5) Sleep on a clean. Smooth and firm surface.

(6) There should be a garment for sleeping which should be clean and loose on the body.


Importance of exercise to the body

(1) Exercise helps the circulatory and respiratory activities in an individual.

(2) It facilitates the flow of blood.

(3) It makes the excretory organs function effectively e.g. the sweat from the skin.

(4) The proper digestion of food is also enhanced by exercise, thereby preventing indigestion e.g. it is not proper to go to bed immediately after eating, and it is not equally good to eat dinner late in the night.

(5) It is a good opportunity for over weight people to shade excess weight.

(6) It promotes sound sleep and rest.

(7) The lungs are kept in shape, muscles are toned up and become firm.

(8) The brain is made to function effectively and perfectly, thereby producing sound mind.

(9) It helps to correct bad posture and instill the correct posture for all activities.

(10) An individual who is involved on routine exercise is always agile, endures much and is flexible in outlook. Exercise is the most important key to healthy body and the basis for creative activity.

Some of the suggested exercises to be done by individuals are as follows:

Running, skipping, hopping , jumping, throwing, and playing table tennis.
Others are press up , sit up, tunnel ball, sliding, leaping, galloping, stretching, bending, turning, rising and falling swimming and playing football.

   Generally speaking, exercise could be defined as an all round fitness/we being of an individual both physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

The effect of the absence of rest, sleep and exercise

   Considering the importance of this topic, when rest, sleep and exercise are not being practised in an individual life, there will ne stress and fatigue, poor blood circulation, muscular contractions/malfunctions indigestion etc.
The individual will always be worked up, and will always be seeing failure and impossibilities in life.
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