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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Lighting Circuits

Points of light may be required to be controlled. The different types of control are as follows:

(i) Each lamp is controlled by a switch, I.e. 'one way switch controlling each lamp'.

(ii) Groups of lights controlled by one way switch. This is the same as above, but one switch is now controlling a group of parallel lamps.

(iii) Points of light controlled from more than one position, e.g. two way multi ways or intermediate controls. The switches used to obtain such controls have their terminations and cable connections for 'ON' and 'OFF' positions. Thr circuit wiring, using single corr cables or multi core cables with or without joint boxes. 

    The circuit diagrams need to  be converted into more practical wiring diagrams to enable their use for wiring houses or either premises, where multi core sheathed cables and joint boxes are used along various contours.

   Thr connection for intermediate switch will vary with the type available, I.e. type A, B, or C . the cables for wiring without joint box require the use of single core with twin core cables; but multi core sheathed cables, e.g. three core or twin core, can be easily used with thr joint box.
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