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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Main Orders of Placental Mammals

Name of group - Main features - Examples

• Rodents - Small mammals with chisel like front teeth for gnawing at plant food. - Rats , mice , squirrels and porcupines

• Chiropterans - Small flying mammals which are nocturnal. They feed in fruits or insects. - Fruit bats and insectivorous bats.

• Carnivores - Meat eaters. Good hunters with a keen sense of sight, smell and hearing. They have sharp teeth, claws and strong jaws for catching prey and eating them - Dogs, wolves, foxes, bears, civets, cats, lions, cheetahs, tigers, hyenas and seals.

• Ungulates - Plant eaters with hoofed feet, odd toed or even toed. They have teeth with flat ridged surfaces for grinding food. - Zebras, horses, rhinoceroses, pigs, deer, giraffes, goats and cattle.

• Cetaceans - Aquatic mammals with streamlined bodies. No hind limbs, forelimbs are modified as flippers. - Whales and dolphins.

• Primates - Grasping fingers and toes. Eyes are positioned at front of head. - Lemurs, monkeys , apes and humans.
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