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Saturday, 15 December 2018


Meaning: Posture means the relative position or inclination of the body of an individual. It involved a proper body alignment in all human movements such ad standing, sitting, running, walking, reading e.t.c.

  The position of the body when one walks , sits, stands or even run is called posture. This is derived from the habits that are practised or learned over time. Good posture ensures that the body is properly balanced, the steps are buoyant and not dragged, the head erect and not bent, the hip tucked  under with chest out and shoulders straight.

Importance of good posture

(i) It hells to maintain a better functioning of all the organs of the body, by keeping them in their proper positions.

(ii) Poise, gracefulness and self confidence are developed with correct posture.

(iii) Good posture helps in the elimination of solid waste, promotes proper breathing and heart function.

(iv) It reduces stress and fatigue in our daily activities.

(v) It helps the different parts of the body to be supported by the right bones and muscles.

(vi) It affects the way dresses fit onto the body.

(vii) Good posture gives dignity, poise and courage

(viii) It makes people to ha e either a good or poor impression about another person.

(ix) It affects a person movement and daily activities

(x) It enhances appearance and makes for proper circulation of blood.

(xi) It gives the body a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

(xii) It contributes to good thinking, reasoning and helps in articulation of activities.
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