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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Safety Regulations/Guide to good workmanship in house wiring

In order to avoid a risk of electric shock, fire or other possible dangers from electrical wiring, the following rules should be observed, in addition to those set out by the institute of electrical engineers, called I.E.E.

1. Ways obey all safety rules and procedures laid out in manufacturers handbook or laboratory manuals

2. Always use well insulated tools. Never attempt to remove wire insulation with your teeth.

3. Avoid working on live circuits. Always switch off before touching live parts of a circuit or equipment.

4. Do not expose current carrying conductors where insulations are expected.

5. Joints in electrical conductors must be properly done to permit good mechanical and electrical continuity.

6. Use appropriate sizes and types of accessories, e.g. fuses, cables, switches, e.t.c. for all wiring.

7. Ensuring the continuity and durability of earthing system, e.g. earth electrode. earthing lead, and earth continuity Conductor used for the protection of circuit and consumers.

8. All single pole devices, e.g. switch, thermostat, fuse, e.t.c. should be connected in the live conductors of the supply only.

9. Switches , if not specially designed for bathroom wiring, should always be installed outside it. Socket outlets should not be installed in bathrooms.

10. Good finishing is essential for all wiring installations. Cables must be run flat throughout their runs. Clipping of sheathed cables for vertical and horizontal runs must be in accordance with the appropriate requirements.
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