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Monday, 10 December 2018

Some Common Pest of Crops

Crop - Pest - Control

 • Rice -  (i) Stem borer, larva of a moth: Bores into stem and eats up plants - Irrigate with water containing suitable insecticide three to four weeks after transplanting seedlings to kill the stem borers

(ii) Rodents: Cause damage in nursery - Use fencing and wore netting to keep out pests

 (iii) Birds: attack plants at early milky stage, and pierce and suck milky juice -  Scare away the birds by shouting, beating drums, and using scare crows, e.t.c

• Maize - Stem borer, larva of a moth: bores into stem and weakens it - Early maize crop (may to august) should not be followed by late maize crop (November to December); apply insecticide two weeks after planting to kill the stem borers

• Guinea Corn - Sorghum midge: Larva eats up tissues of developing seeds - Early planting; use resistant varieties; pick and destroy pests

• Ground nuts - Leaf eating and puncturing beetles - Use insecticide

• Yam - (I) Yam battle - Dist yam setts with insecticide before planting

(ii) Eelworm or nematodes: They pierce yam tubers, and this leads to secondary infection by fungi - Suitable crop rotation scheme to starve out the eelworms

• Cassava - Cassava mealy bug: feeds on young shoot tips and stunts growth resulting in plant having bunchy top - Use resistant and early maturing varieties; early planting ; destroy all affected plants; dip stem cuttings in suitable insecticide before planting; spray insecticide on plants

• Cotton - Cotton stainer: Feeds on cotton seeds, stains lint and causes cotton bolls to abort - Cage chickens in cotton it's so that they can feed on the bug; spray suitable insecticides

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