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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Some Defects or Diseases of the Hands and Nails

Nearly all the deformities of the nail result from one of these e.g. congenital defect, accidental damage to the nail bed, bacteria infection or fungi.

Some of the diseases of the hands and nails are due to fungi infections:

• Whitlow

•  Rashes on the hand and fingers e.t.c.

• Eczema on the fingers

Hand gloves : The hand gloves are worn in order to protect the hand and finger nails from being chapped and tattered. Care should be taken to keep them always clean and dry, so that they will not attract fungi.

Care of the feet

     The feet is a part of the body that is more useful than other parts of the body. The primary work of the feet is to carry the whole body, both while standing or walking. This brings the feet always closer to dirt and dust.

   Therefore , special care has to be taken for the feet namely

•  Wash the feet thoroughly as often as possible and pay attention to the heels.

• Because the feet is always in use , the skin around the heel is hard and most of them are dead skin.

•  avoid walking bare footed.

•  Wear a good fitting shoes that are comfortable.

Avoid walking on a wet place  as this promotes fungi infection.

Care of the feet
Pedicure : This is a process of caring for the feet and toes. In addition to the instruction for the finger nails, there are also

• Pumice stone : This is a special type of stone, black and hard, used in removing the dead skin of the heels.

Procedure: Clean the nails and file.

• Soak the feet in a warm soapy water for some times.

• Using the cuticle remover, remove all the dead skin around the cuticle.

•  Using the pumice stone, scrub the heels under the feet and sides until smooth.

•  Using the skin scrub, cream rub it all over the feet and toes. This will remove the loose dead skin that is hanging around.

•  Wash with cold water.

• Dry with a clean towel.

• Apply Vaseline or lotion on the feet.

• If a vanish is needed , apply it carefully.
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