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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Some Diseases that Affects the Feet

• Athletics foot : This is caused by one or two parasites/fungi which attack the skin of the feet. It is contracted from floors surrounding pools, showers and other public places. It develops blisters and turns white after much itching. It is more severe in warm weather than cool one. This may also be caused by wearing tight shoes all the time.

Prevention : Keep the affected area as dry SD possible.

• Always wash the feet and apply either an ointment or athletic foot powder.

• Always allow in between the toes to be dry.

Corn : This is caused by tight shoes. They form small moulds of dead and hard skin. They can be removed during pedicure by the use of cuticle remover. They can also be prevented by the use of loose but suitable shoes.

Calluses: Calluses appear on the heels and can also be removed by the use of pumice stone during bathing or pedicure.

Foot wear : This includes shoes, sandals, stockings, booths, e.t.c. They can be made with either leathers, plastic, skins or even swedes. They come in different sizes and shapes, colours and designs.

•  Generally footwear protects the feet
• Enhances one dressings.
• In cold countries, they help in keeping the body warm.
• It acts as a form of support to a handicapped person.

When buying foot wear

One should note that ;

• He buys the knew he needs; i.e. is his size; allow for the movement of toes.

• Avoid too high shoes.

• Consider the durability of the shoe.

• Consider the durability of the shoe.

• Consider also the colour needed.

• Choose the ones that are easy to maintain

• Check the money available.

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