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Saturday, 15 December 2018

Summary of the Main Organ Systems Found in the Human Body

Name of System - Main  organs in the system  - Main function

• Digestive system - Gut, liver and pancreas - To digest and absorb food

• Respiratory system - Windpipe and lungs - To take in oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide

• Circulatory System - Heart , blood vessels - To carry oxygen and food round the body

• Excretory system - Kidneys, bladder, liver - To get rid of  poisonous waste substances

• Sensory system - Ears , eyes, nose , skin - To detect stimuli 

• Nervous system - Brain and spinal cord - To conduct messages from one part of the body to another

• Musculo skeletal system - Muscles and skeleton - To support and move the body

• Reproductive system - Testes and ovaries - To produce offspring
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