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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Teeth: Structure

Teeth are well developed and defined structure which are used to break down food into smaller particles in the mouth, thereby aiding digestion.

    The tooth is divided into three parts namely 
• The crown
• The neck 
• The root

• The crown : The crown is  the part that is projected outside. The outer part of the tooth is the Enamel. It is the hardest part of the tooth in animals which protects the other parts of the tooth. Beneath the enamel is the Dentine. This is also a hard and bone like material. The dentine encloses the blood vessels and nerves. At the centre of the tooth is the pulp cavity. This contains the blood vessels and nerves which are extremely sensitive to best and cold.

   The neck is the junction of the crown and the root. A thin layer of cement covers the dentine. The cement is in turn surrounded by a membrane which fixes the tooth to the same bone. Each tooth had a continuous supply of blood through the holes at the tip of the root. this supply of blood is enough to keep the tooth alive. The root is the part of the tooth inside the gum.

Functions of the teeth

•  The teeth help in the first stage of digestion by breaking the food into smaller pieces.

• They affect the health of an individual and the appearance.

•  They make people to be themselves.

• Dentition : This is the number and kinds of teeth present in mammal and their arrangement in the lower and upper jaw bones. This is related to the types of food the mammal eats.
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