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Friday, 14 December 2018

The Skin: Meaning

The skin is the outer covering of all mammals. It covers the whole body and it is the largest organ in the body.

The skin consists of two main layers namely; epidermis and dermis

• Epidermis : This is the outer part of the skin . it varies in thickness depending on the part of the body, e.g. the palm and feet are not of the same thickness. Apart from the sole of the feet, the palm and some part of the face, the rest is covered with hairs and tiny holes. This holes are called sweat pores. The epidermis contains also a pigment which gives the skin its colour.

• Dermis : This is the inner layer of the skin, it contains the following:
1.  The sweat gland that produces the sweat through the sweat pore.

2. Contains the sebaceous gland from where the oil comes to the skin for lubrication.

3. The blood vessels and nerves which keep the skin healthy and help it to perform its functions.

4. Fat deposits which act as a food store as well as insulating layer that prevents heat loss from the body.
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