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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Tooth Infection

• Tooth decay : This is caused by the particles of the food we eat. Initially, it is painless as the sticky gummy substance deposits on the enamel, it forms a plaque. this attracts a lot of different organisms which are toxic and can eat up the  enamel and the dentine. Pain is felt when the nerves in the pulp cavity are attacked. This causes tooth ache.

• Gum disease: This is similar to the tooth decay. The sugar, sweet and starchy food particles depositing on the teeth and in between the teeth mix with the saliva thereby producing germs that will eat up the gums forming holes in the mouth.

• Putting dirty objects in the mouth, introduce germs to the mouth which cause tooth decay.

• Picking the teeth with sharp objects after eating can injure the gum and make holes in between the teeth

• Hard and brittle tooth brush wears the gum and exposes it to danger I.e. makes holes on it, weakens and makes it thin.

Dentition : Dentition is the arrangement of teeth in the jaw. This could be poorly arranged.

Prevention: Bracelets are often used to correct some poor dentition. 
Always clean the teeth regularly; keep your tooth brush clean. Eat a balanced diet. Visit a dentist occasionally and also a hygienist. Use a soft brush that will be gentle on the gum
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