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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Types of Teeth

Human beings have two sets of teeth in their life time. The first set of teeth is called the milk teeth. These are 24 in number and last for few months or years. The second set of teeth is called permanent teeth. These are 32 in number. They are made up of 4 different sets of teeth. They include:

• The incisor (chisel) use for biting.

•  the Canine , similar to incisors and beside them. They are usually called " the dog teeth " because of the shape. They are used for testing food. They are two in number.

• The premolars: These ha r surface for grinding. They are four in number.

• The molars : These are behind the premolars and are used for grinding as well. They are four in number. To get the proper dentition of man

Upper jaw 1 (1/2) , C (1/1) , Pm (2/2) , M (3/3)
Lower jaw 
                     = 16x2 = 32

A fully grown adult has extra 4 teeth 2/2 I.e. the wisdom teeth.

Factors that affect the structure and appearance of teeth

    One of the factors that affects both the structure and appearance of the teeth is 

• Our daily diet/ food: the food we eat should be rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D for the proper formation of the teeth. These foods include milk, cheese , eggs, fruits, green vegetable, fish, oil , butter e.t.c. 

•  there should be varieties of food. The hard foods that need chewing should be mixed with soft ones. This will help to exercise the teeth.

• Sweets and toffees should  be taken sparingly, and after eating, effort should be made to clean the teeth so as to remove any deposit on the teeth.

• The teeth should not be used as a scissors I.e. using it to cut thread or objects.

   All these affect the formation of the teeth at early stages in life. The teeth should be cleansed twice a day , and rinsed after each meal. This removed the food particles which can cause tooth decay.

Material for cleaning the teeth

These include the :

• A small clean cloth/soft cotton wool. This is normally used to clean the tongue and stimulate the jaws of babies.

•  as they develop the milk teeth or temporary teeth/ the cotton wool and a little Clea  ash/ diluted Milton/ diluted salt/ could be used. This cleans and sterilizes every part of the mouth.

• As the permanent teeth are out, tooth brush and a goof tooth paste which contains fluoride could be used. The brushes are of different sizes for different ages.

- Always choose the brush that is firm and not hard to avoid injury to the gum.

- Do not use a tooth brush for more than 3-4 weeks

How to brush the teeth

    Brush the teeth away from the gum using the up and down movement. Brush the top of the teeth.

To test a tooth brush : Run the bristles back ward and forward over the back of your hand, they should feel comfortable , soothing not scratchy.

- Using the brush carefully; brush the tongue removing all the deposit.

- With clean water, rinse the mouth thoroughly.

- Wash the brush thoroughly and  keep it upside down in a plan e meant for it.

Chewing sticks which are gotten from different and special kinds of trees are used. These have some content in them that clears the teeth and mouth. This should be used morning and evening and after every meal. Water should also be used to clean and rinse the mouth. The same Jo and down movement should be followed.
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