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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Wiring Accessories

An electrical accessory is any device other than a luminaire, (lighting fitting) associated with the wiring and current utilizing appliances of an installation. Examples of accessories include tumbler switches, lamp holders. Ceiling switches, ceiling roses, joint boxes, fuse boxes, socket outlets/plugs, lamp holders, lamp holder adaptors, connectors, etc. Accessories are rated for the maximum voltage, and in some cases, rated for the maximum current they are designed to withstand without undue over heating or failure. These ratings have much to do with the quality of material, their strength, and cross sectional area of metallic contacts employed in the accessories. Some accessories are coated or covered with protective substances to make them suitable for a particular or various possible environmental hazards, e.g. chemicals in battery charging rooms, heat and fumes in kitchens, boiler houses and factories, ammonia from animals or farms/horticultural sites, e.t.c.

    The consumer's equipment begins with the main switch gear, fuse box or consumer unit to which the accessories are connected through surface or embedded wiring systems, for lighting and power points. All socket outlets have their earth terminals connected to the consumers earth terminal by earth continuity conductor, so that appliances and consumers are protected against dangerous earth leakage by the use  of the three pin plug which allows connection to earth
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