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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Wiring of Socket Outlets

Socket outlets (S/O) provide means of connecting to live, neural and the earth terminals a few fixed or portable appliances, e.g. fans, table lamps, shaving machines, air conditioners, e.t.c. to the appropriate fuse box or consumer unit.

Method of connecting socket outlets to a final sub circuit of a fuse box

1. One socket connected to a separate fuse way of a rating not less than the fuse, and a cable  of equal rating, e.g. 5A socket to a 5A fuse with a cable 1.0mm2 in cross sectional area.

2. More than one socket, each of 13A type , connected to fuse way of a rating not less than the fuse rating. The cable is sufficient in size to carry the total load expected. This is known as radial connection.

3. 15A socket outlets each wired to a separate 15A fuse in the fuse box with a cable of 2.5mm2, large enough to carry the expected load current, and not exceeding it.

4. Many 13A socket outlets connected in such a way that the supply is from the fuse through the socket and back to the same fuse in a ring form. The fuse rating is usually 30A but the cable size is not greater than 2.5mm2, since a fact is being taken into consideration that not all the sockets will be in use at the same time; more so that the room space is limited to 10m x 10m, I.e. 100m2, which makes it difficult for unlimited applications to be housed leading to overloading of the circuit.
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