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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Wiring Systems

A wiring systems consists of the conductor, its insulation, mechanical protection and the accessories. A PVC (polyvinyl chloride) sheathed cable wiring system, employing a four way plastic joint box for terminating the cables.

    The type of mechanical protection adopted for wiring system determines the name of the system, e.g. PVC Sheathed system has PVC as the cable mechanical protection; metal conduit system has a metal tubing (like water pipes) enclosing insulated wires, I.e. the conduit is the mechanical protection.

   It is unusual to obtain one wring system suitable for all conditions, e.g. wet, hot, flammable, explosive and freezing conditions. The following points are usually considered when selecting a wiring system for a building or environment.

(i) Neatness of finished wiring

(ii) Durability of installation

(iii) Possible future extension or alteration

(iv) Safety and completion period

(v) Suitability for special conditions, e.g. fumes, wetness, heat, etc.
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