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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Comparing the Structure and Function of the Three Types of Blood Vessels

 Artery - Capillary - Veins

 • Carries blood away from the heart - Links arterioles and venules - Carries blood to heart

 • Thick , muscular, elastic wall - One cell thick Wall - Fairly thick, slightly elastic wall 

• Blood is at high pressure and flows fast and in spurts (pulse waves) - Blood pressure is higher at arteriole end than at venules end of capillary network; flows smoothly - Blood pressure is low and flows slowly and smoothly (no pulse waves)

 • Valves absent (except for semi lunar valves near the heart ) - No valves - Valves present

 • Blood is oxygenerated (except that in the pulmonary arteries) - Blood is oxygenerated at arteriole end and deoxygenerated at venules end (except that in the lung and capillaries) - Blood is deoxygenerated (except that in the pulmonary veins)  
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