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Saturday, 5 January 2019

Ecological Organization, Ecosystem and Biomes

 • Ecology is the study of living organisms in relation to their environment. Levels of organization in ecology increase in size and complexity from population --> Community ---> ecosystem --> Biosphere.

 • Biosphere includes the parts of the earth where life can be found. Habitat is a place where an organism lives. The environment is everything present in an organism's surroundings that affects it. An ecological niche is the exact place when an organism lives and what it does there.

 • A population is made up of organisms of the same kind living organism that living organisms that live and interact together in a habitat.

 • Biosphere consists of various ecosystems. An ecosystem is a self supporting unit which is made up of biotic and an abiotic component.

 • Biomes are large natural ecosystems, identified by their dominant vegetation. Local biomes include the mangrove swamp, tropical rain forest and savanna  
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