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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Materials Transported and Transport Media

 The major materials transported within plants are the gases, carbon dioxide and oxygen, water, mineral salts, manufactured food and essential chemicals such ad hormones and pigments.

     Plant saps, cell saps and cytoplasm are the main transport media. Plant sap is a general term which includes the fluids in the vascular tissues and latex tubes. The sap in vascular tissues is composed mainly of water (98%) and a complex mixture of organic and inorganic solutes. These solutes include the following substances:

 • Nutrients : Sugars, proteins , amino acids, insulin, mineral salts

 • Organic acids : Citric acid, tartaric acid

 • Pigments: anthocvanins, flavones

     Unlike the blood in animals, plant saps tend to be acidic. Latex, a milky substance rich in plant food, is found in latex tubes.

      Mature plant cells often have large, centrally placed vacuoles filled with cell sap, a watery fluid containing a complex mixture of solute.

    The cell sap helps in the uptake of water from the soil by the root hairs and it's transport to the vascular tissues in the root. It also helps in the diffusion of gases within the plant body.  
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