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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Population of People Infected With HIV AIDS

 According to the joint united nations programme on HIV / AIDS (UNIAIDS), it is estimated that 40 million people worldwide are now living with HIV or AIDS. Most of them, unfortunately, are not aware that they carry HIV and may be spreading the virus to others. about one million people have HIV or AIDS in America and , there , 40,000 more get infected every year. It is further estimated that about one quarter of all Americans having HIV are not aware that they are carrying the virus, according to the CDC.

 AIDS have claimed over 25 million people worldwide, including more than half a million Americans. In Nigeria as at year 2004, HIV aids has the staggering figures I will state below: No - Group - Number of Infected/ Affected

 • 1. - Adults: age 15-19 with HIV /AIDS - 2,600,000

 • 2.- Adult HIV prevalence - 3.9%

 • 3.- Women age 15-49 with HIV /AIDS - 1,600,000

 • 4.- Children with HIV/AIDS - 240,000

 • 5.- AIDS orphans (ages 0-17) - 930,000 •6.- AIDS deaths - 220,000

 Source : U.N programme on HIV/AIDS (UNIAIDS)

 AIDS is now regarded as the deadliest infectious disease among adults worldwide thereby displacing malaria and tuberculosis from that position. AIDS is also the fourth major cause of death the world over and has rendered 15 million children orphans. In fact , experts hold the opinion that HIV AIDS has don't far greater damage than the impacts of the two world wars, Korean war, Vietnam war and the Congo war put together  
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