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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Prevention of HIV /AIDS

Several measures can be taken to prevent the occurrence of HIV AIDS and they are as follows:

 • Total abstinence from all forms of irresponsible, sexual behaviours such as mutual masturbation, premarital sexual intercourse, unprotected casual sexual intercourse, commercial sex working (prostitution), all forms of hyper sexuality conditions like sexual addiction, nymphomania and satyriasis.

 • Being very faithful to one sex partner and avoiding multiple sex partners.

 • Practice safer sex through the use of condom especially when not sure of sex partner's HIV AIDS status.

 • Avoid sharing sharp objects capable of cutting / piercing the skin like blade , knife, clippers, syringes and needles with a person infected with HIV AIDS.

 • Avoid blood transfusion from HIV infected person.

 • Use sterile syringes and needles for injections.  
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