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Monday, 14 January 2019

Respiration and Respiratory Systems

 The very time we breathe, we take in life supporting oxygen from the surrounding air. Oxygen is extremely important for life: we can Survive for weeks without food and for days without, only a few minutes without oxygen.

      In our bodies, oxygen is used to release energy stored I. The chemical fuel we consume as food. This energy is vital for powering our life processes. Broadly. The sequence of processes leading to the release of energy in living cells is called respiration. In most multicellular animals , it involves

 • The intake and absorption of oxygen from the surrounding environment;

 • The transport of oxygen to the individual cells in the body ; and

 • Using oxygen to release energy (as ATP) from energy rich substances via the Kreb's cycle

      The above metabolic process which uses oxygen to release energy as ATP in living cells is known as cellular respiration, and had been discussed in my previous write up. We shall discuss the respiratory systems that are concerned with the intake of oxygen and its entry into the circulatory system also get rif of carbon dioxide and water, the waste products of cellular respiration. In fact, the intake and absorption of oxygen is automatically accompanied by the elimination of carbon dioxide and water in to the surroundings. Thus. These respiratory systems are also known as gaseous exchange systems.  
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