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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

When One is Infected with Hiv

 The body Defense or immune cells are normally the white body cells, especially the specific type of immune cells known as T-Helper or CD4 cells. when an individual is infected with HIV, the virus enters the body and inhabits the white blood cells where it multiplies primarily. As the virus grows, it destroys these defense cells and other cells, thus weakening the body's immune system. Once the immune system losses too many CD4 cells, the body defense against the infections crumbles and the victim becomes vulnerable to various disease causing micro organisms causing various opportunistic infections and other diseases ranging from pneumonia to cancer. According to the US Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an individual is diagnosed for AIDS if he or she has either one or both of the following conditions:

 • The presence of one or more of the 21 AIDS related Ols or illness; and a CD4 count has reached or fallen below 200 cells per cm of blood.

 • A Healthy person has a Norma T-Cell count for CD4 count of 450 to 1200 cells per cm of blood.  
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